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Adriana Lopez-Ospina is a Colombian American mixed media artist currently working on a series of woven wool installations named fiber.


Adriana is inspired by her family’s Colombian heritage and culture. Post Colonialism, Colombia was able to hold on to art and artifacts unlike many of its colonized counter parts. Born in the US, Adriana had to learn about her background from family and museums as she visited year after year. Museums such as the Museo del Oro is home to the largest collection of gold artifacts in the world. These artifacts serve as a glimpse into the life and memory of the indigenous communities that lived in present day Colombia. Adriana is only now starting to learn about the deep cultural significance  indigenous communities have on Colombian culture as she continues to learn about her family’s homeland. Lopez-Ospina has been working in golf leaf for the past five years that culminated in her series titles “All that Glitters is Fools Gold.” She continues to explore new ways to weave figure and pattern to illustrate various moods and life moments.

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